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Lot Clearing Services

DFW Lot Clearing has been providing quality lot clearing, brush hogging, leveling and grading, gravel road construction, and more... for over 30 years.  Our skilled workforce is fully trained in all aspects of proper lot clearing and tree care operations.  You can be secure in knowing that "We're the right company at the right price."

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Lot Clearing comes in many sizes and levels of difficulty.  No matter the size of your residential or commercial property, we have the necessary experience to successfully complete your project in a timely manner and within budget.  We specialize in clearing properties of trees and underbrush....however, we are also experienced in clearing lots that have varied types of debris as well.  If your lot clearing project involves trees, you can expect that one of our licensed arborists will be supervising the project to ensure that your trees get the proper care.


We offer numerous services listed below that all work together to ensure successfull completion of your lot clearing project....see details below

Tree Trimming is an art form that takes years to develop.  The key is to have a perfect balance between the beauty and the health of the tree in mind.  The health of the tree always comes first!

Raising - Thinning - Dead Wood Removal - Sucker Shoot Removal

We specialize in difficult tree removals.  Whether your tree is large or small, you can trust that we will get the job done safely!


Tree Removal - Tree Felling - Firewood Cutting

Tree Stumps are unsightly, we understand.  Let us grind your stumps below soil level and you will never have to worry about it a relatively short time, it will be like the tree was never there.

Tree Canopy Raising


One of the most common practices in lot clearing and commercial tree care is to raise the canopy of the tree(s).  This ensures that the limbs are high enough to prevent vehicles and/or people from hitting the limbs causing injury or damage.  This process is also performed regularly at residential homes to aid in lawn mowing and to prevent the UPS driver from hitting the lower limbs hanging over the street.  Your local municipality is pretty good about writting citations for limbs hanging over in the street....we can us today for a free estimate.


Cabling / Bracing / Guying


Sometimes it is necessary to cable and/or brace your tree in the event of splits, cracks or for limb correction.  We offer cabling, bracing, and guying services that  will reinforce your tree and/or help it to withstand the weather conditions we experience here in North Texas.


Disease Diagnosis


Our tree care specialist are knowledgable in all tree diseases, mildews, fungi and pests that are common to the North Texas area.  Call us today for a FREE consultation.


Emergency Storm Damage Clean-up


Hopefully, you won't ever need this service, but if you do, we will be "Johnny-on-the-spot."  We will respond very quickly and won't take advantage of your situation.  We have the necessary experience to handle your emergency and we also work with your utility companies to help you get your utilities restored as quickly as possible.


Tree Lightning Protection


We install tree lightning protection to help you protect your valuable trees and property from lightning strikes.  Its not as expensive as you might think...give us a call for a free consultation.


Tree Lighting


We install tree lighting to help enhance the beauty of your trees and property.




Trees require a bit different approach to fertilization than your grass and shrubs.  Let our experts examine your trees and determine the exact combination of chemicals and/or nutrients that your trees are in need of.  We also offer Deep Root Feeding.


Cosmetic Hole Surgery (Cavity Filling)


Sometimes due to damage from pest, weather, disease, etc., your trees may develop holes or cavities.  It is important to seal these weak spots to prevent further damage and block a potential entry point for insects.  We offer Cosmetic Surgery in those instances.  We fill the cavity with a non-shrinkable grout and finish it with a sealant that is colored as necessary to hide the cavity as much as possible.


Brush Hogging


We offer brush hogging services as part of our lot clearing services as well as a stand-alone service for mowing large acreage lots.  Our rates simply cannot be today for a free estimate of your brush hogging needs.


Leveling & Grading


We offer leveling and grading services as part of our lot clearing service.  If your lot requires leveling in certain areas or grading to ensure proper rain runoff, then we have you covered.  We operate all of the necessary equipment to level and/or grade your property.


Gravel Road Construction


In some cases, it is necessary to construct a gravel road so vehicles can travel on your property without causing ruts in the ground.  It doesn't cost nearly as much as you might us today to schedule a free estimate.




We are a full-service landscaping company.  No matter how large or how small your project, we are "the right company at the right price."


Retaining Walls


We install retaining walls to help prevent soil loss and runnoff.  Whether you are in need of a small retainer around your tree(s), or a larger project along one of the sides of your home or property, we can do it.  We use high-quality materials to ensure long-life and durability of your retaining wall.


Debris Removal


We offer several solutions for debris removal from your residential or commercial really depends on the type of material that needs to be removed and the accessability to the debris by certain equipment.  Most debris is dealt with by a brush chipper or a trailer, but some debris may require other equipment to remove....weve got you covered...we have seen and done it all....and all at affordable prices.

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